Obtain a Permanent Residence Permit of Cyprus within Two Months!

The Republic of Cyprus grants a “Fast Track Permanent Residence Permit” within only two months and under eased conditions to non-EU citizens and their family members, who invest in real estate property in the Republic of Cyprus worth minimum EUR 300.000.

A Permanent Residence Permit provides with the possibility to stay and to live permanently and legally in Cyprus.

Important note: Though a Permanent Residence Permit does provide the possibility to stay and to live permanently in Cyprus, holders of “Fast Track Permanent Residence Permits” are not required to stay in Cyprus permanently, but only to visit Cyprus once every two years, if they do not stay in Cyprus permanently!

In case that all conditions are met to obtain a “Fast Track Permanent Residence Permit”, Cyprus issues a five-year residence permit. As per EU legislation, five-year residence permits are considered as permanent residence permits, because the holder of a five-year residence permit is legally entitled for renewal of his or her resident permit for unlimited years.

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