Additional conditions to acquire Cyprus Citizenship by Investment, applying to investors and to high-ranking managers:

  1. Purchase of real estate property as home of the investor
    In addition to the investment in the options mentioned on the previous page, the investor must purchase and privately own a residence in Cyprus worth minimum EUR 500.000 plus 5 % or 19 % VAT.

  2. Clean criminal record
    The applicant, and his family members, if applicable, must have clean criminal records.

Family investment Cyprus citizenshipFamily members of the Investor:
The spouse and financial dependent adult children (18 years or older) of an eligible investor are granted Cyprus Citizenship as well. The spouse and/or the children are not obliged to meet the financial criteria listed on the previous page.
Minor children (younger than 18 years) have the right to acquire Cyprus citizenship according to article 110 (3) of the Cyprus Civil Registry Law.

Important Note: Please be advised that the necessary acceptance of an application by the Council of Ministers is at the sole discretion of the Council of Ministers. Non-binding information: So far we did not experience or witness a refusal of an application by the Council of Ministers.

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